Hello World!

int main(int argc, char *argv[])


     @autoreleasepool {

          NSLog(@"Hello World!");



Every programmer, young and old, remembers their first “Hello World!” program. My first happened to be in Java, even though the code snippet above is Objective-C.

That first program seemed like magic, and as I demystified that first program, I found even more magic underneath. This blog is my way of continuously demystifying the world of programming in Objective-C. In addition to that, they say that the best way to learn is to teach, and I am on a constant mission to continue learning. I’ve also found myself in a number of situations where I was Googling and StackOverflowing (making that a verb now) until I was blue in the face, pulling together pieces from this post or this tutorial in order to solve, what I believed to be, a very common and basic problem. There were times when I read a tutorial and thought to myself “This wasn’t very clear. I should write a tutorial on this same topic, but in a much clearer way”. “Stone of ARC” is an attempt to bring together all of those driving forces. Don’t let the name fool you, though! We’ll be covering some topics that dive deep into the world of Memory Management, and outline some of the pitfalls of using ARC. I’ll also be discussing some new features of the latest version of iOS, trends within the industry, and tutorials on various other topics!

I’ll be thinking hard on a good topic for the first tutorial, so stay tuned!